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Cap'n Eviekinz McGee

27. Nerdy. Type 1 diabetic. Currently working on a screenplay for a tv show and a couple of novels. I spend less time on livejournal these days, but I'm around occasionally to talk about fandom and life in general. Check the links section to see where you can find me more often. Time to state the obvious: this is my personal livejournal. Inside you'll find everything from fandom related postings to updates about my real life. It's been a while since I wrote any fanfic, but there are some archives of past writings and god knows what else. My journal is friends only, but my friends policy is sort of lax. I figure if you're here you found me through a community we both frequent which means we'll have something in common. Drop me a note in my FO, let me know how you found me, and I'll add you! Torchwood. Doctor Who. Supernatural. Primeval. Sherlock. Warehouse 13. Eureka. Will Ferrell movies. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Reading. Writing. Roleplaying. John Barrowman. Cosplay. Crafts. DIY. Scrapbooking. Conventions. Technology. Nerd Culture.

I listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly shades of rock. That said, my playlist spans from Beethoven to System of a Down to Weezy. There's less country than anything else, but I still don't rule it out automatically. Coming soon. Coming soon. Coming soon.

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